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QCast version 1.9

• Updated certificate bundle enabling playback of TLS-protected Podcasts • Improved audio playback stability • System tray icon

QRead version 3.21

• Added a recent documents menu • Added an option to allow not reloading previous documents on startup • Improved the process of finding books on Goodreads • Fixed an issue which would cause the document navigation slider to skip around when in use • Fixed navigating headings by level • Improved the Jump to Document dialog

QSeek version 0.33

Fixed issue which would prevent text from copying to the clipboard under some circumstances

QSeek version 0.32

Added options to automatically retrieve clipboard contents and save searches to history.

QRead version 3.1

Version 3.1: - Fixed Goodreads Logins - Don't stick people without Bookshare logins in an infinite loop if they attempt to use Bookshare Version 3.0: - Added support for displaying tables in an embedded browser by pressing enter on them - Added t and shift+t keystrokes for quickly navigating between tables. - Added support for directly importing books from Bookshare using the Bookshare Downloader - Integrated with Goodreads to share book status updates and reviews - Added a Speech Options dialog for quickly setting characteristics of QRead's built-in tts support. - Don't reload all books when opening a new one from Windows Explorer - Stop speech immediately when Stop Speech is pressed, instead of waiting until the end of the current sentence. - Improved DocX support including support for links, headings, and tables.

QRead version 2.5

�Substantial improvements to the graphical user interface. �Mobi ebook support.

QCast version 1.81

1.81: Fixed searching for podcasts with unicode symbols in their names Fixed posting to Twitter 1.8: Added a way to share what you're listening to on Twitter Added an option for setting where podcasts are downloaded Added an option for setting how frequently QCast checks for podcasts Added an option for setting the output audio device Added language selection to the options dialog

QFeed version 0.8

Version 0.8 brings portable mode support to QFeed. Feeds with last-modified dates or etags will have this information respected. For more information on portable mode in QFeed, consult the README, available from the help menu once the update completes.