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Seeking an accessible RSS feed reader? QFeed might do the trick! It has an accessible, intuitive interface making it easy and fun to read news, blogs, and other content from millions of different websites.
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What is RSS?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication is a standard which was designed to alert you when a website's content changes. It is most frequently used by websites for sharing news, for instance the New York Times provides several feeds, as does Ars Technica and pretty much any other news website you can imagine.

From forum updates to iTunes top seller lists to news articles, the amount of content with associated RSS feeds is truly mind-boggling. QFeed will help you follow it all, rapidly, efficiently, and pleasurably. Go ahead and download it and get started now!

Another quality cross-platform app!

Defining a new standard for cross-platform accessibility, QFeed, like QCast runs both on Windows and Mac computers. No matter which platform you're using, enjoy the same level of perfect access which you've come to expect from the solutions which we create. Your license for QFeed entitles you to run it on both your Mac and Windows machines, so get yours now and get started!