Chicken Nugget!

Chicken Nugget is a fast and powerful Twitter Client for Windows. It works extremely well with screen readers, and makes all aspects of Twitter accessible to the blind. Try Chicken Nugget now for free!

Experience Twitter in a whole new way

Twitter is an insanely popular microblogging service which lets people send and receive messages of no more than 140 characters.

Chicken Nugget is a program which connects to Twitter and makes it dramatically more accessible to a blind person using a screen reader.

Chicken Nugget Features

Works with your screen reader

We believe that Chicken Nugget is the best accessible client to use no matter which screen reader you are using. It works with and natively speaks notifications through the following screen access solutions on Windows.

It also presents native controls making it very accessible for other screen readers, and if it cannot see your screen reader it will fall back to using Microsoft SAPI speech.

In your language

Chicken Nugget is fully translated by a team of dedicated and talented translators into the following languages: Download a free trial of Chicken Nugget

If you don't see your language in the list above, and are interested in translating Chicken Nugget, please contact us using the form on this website. Thank you!

Get it now!

Chicken Nugget is the best accessible Twitter client for Windows. Try it now for yourself and see how incredible a truely accessible Twitter experience can be.

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